Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Port change of running AEM instance

In this post I will explain -
how to change AEM port of a running AEM instance?
This is a very interesting feature of AEM, using this feature, you can change the port of a running AEM instance (author or publish). For doing this follow these steps -

Step 1. Go to Felix Console.
Step 2. Open Configurations tab.
Step 3. Search for jetty service configurationyou will see a screen as shown below - 

In this configuration dialog  you have a property - "Http Port" with a default value "8080"
Step 4. Change this port to what ever port you want, in my case I am using 6502.
Step 5. Click OK

Now the page reload itself & you will see a exception "The webpage is not available" i.e. your AEM instance port has been changed successfully. So hit URL with new HTTP port i.e. 6502. It start working.

Note :- This port change will work till the time you doesn't shut down this instance. So when you restart your AEM instance your port resets to the default port.

Happy Coding
Namah Shivay