Sunday, 8 February 2015

Image not visible on Dialog reopen in AEM

In this post, I am going to sort out a very interesting problem which is occured when we use image component as a tab in out custom component.
Most of time when we want to add a image tab into our component then we use these properties - 
                         path -  /libs/foundation/components/page/tab_image.infinity.json
                        xtype -  cqinclude
Using this properties we are able to add a new tab that provides you a  drag & drop or upload a image functionality in your component. Some developers uses another approach to add a image tab in our component using xtype smatimage. 
Both of these approaches works fine for us but some time we face an issue with these component dialogs. 

Problem Statement - 
when we drop a image on this image tab & click on ok button, we are able to see this image as our component desired functionality, till now everything is working fine. Now when we reopen the dialog & open the image tab, image will not be displayed. i.e. when we reopen component dialog image tab it's not displayed here.

How to resolve this issue - 
1). Check sling:resourceSuperType property on your component, it must be present.
2). sling:resourceSuperType property value must be foundation/components/page. 
3). Open your component's .content.xml file and check <jcr:root> tag, here xmlns:sling must be present, for example in my case it is - 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    jcr:description="Jcr Description."
    jcr:title="Test Component"

The above schema work fine as both of these property are there. After defining these two highlighted properties, test you component & I am damn sure, you component will start functioning properly. 

Happy Coding
Namah Shivay

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