Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Pre - Populated Multifield in AEM

During my project work, I got a task where I have to prepopulate a multifield with some predefined values. i.e when a multifield is loaded first time, It should be displayed with some default values. In this post, I will discuss, How I achieve this functionality. So 

Agenda of this post
Prepopulate Multifield with default values

For doing this, I am creating a project using adobe maven archetype as I created in my last post. It create a folder structure under app directory as shown below - 

Here I create a component named as blog

This component contains a dialog having a tab with a multifield & one listener (nt:unstructured) node under cq:dialog node.

So the final structure looks like - 

multifield is created with properties 
xtype = multifield
jcr:primaryType = cq:Widget
name = ./names
fieldLabel = Names

fieldconfig node have properties 
xtype = textfield
jcr:primaryType = nt:unstructured

Till now what ever we create is simple work which is required to create a simple multifield. 

Key point is - 
Now the original work for starts for prepopulating multifield. As we create on additional node named as listeners under dialog node, jcr:primaryType of this node is nt:unstructured.
here I define a function named as loadcontent as type string and It's values is a javascript function that set's the default value for this multifield. the function value is -

function(dialog) { 
var field = dialog.getField('./names'); 
var values = ["Pre", "Populated", "Multifield"];
return true;

this node's properties look like-

Now Everything is done go to a test page drop this component & open dialog. You will see your multifield is prepopulated as desired.

final output is -

github repository link

Happy Coding
Namah Shivay

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