Monday, 28 April 2014

Intro to Dashboard Part - IV

In my last blog, 
I discussed about the Solr Thread Dump & Java Properties of Apache Solr Dashboard. Now we will discuss next tab.

Core Selection
This the part through which we interact with the solr core. Here just select the core "collection1" & you can see some more tabs on your screen like overview, analyze, config etc.

I will discuss these tabs in details in my coming post. Here I am giving a brief introduction to these tabs.

Lets you analyze the data found in specific fields.

Data Import Handler
It will show the details about the current status of configured data importer for an ex. if you want to connect to the external database such as MySql, Oracle etc. then you have to configure a data import handler & it's information will be displayed in this tab.

This tab provides you a GUI from where you can directly insert the data in different format to Apache Solr. This is a testing tab & provides you a facility to index your data directly from the browser.

This tab shows the current core configuration files such as solrconfig.xml and schema.xml.
you can not modify these files from this tab, this tab is only for read purpose.

Lets you ping a named core and determine whether the core is active or not. 

this tab shows statistics for plugins and other installed components.

This is a very important tab I will discuss it separately in new post. For introduction, this tab is used to query the indexed data in Apache Solr. It show all the formats supported by Apache Solr and all the parameters required or optional for searching text in Apache Solr. 

Shows you the current replication status for the core, and lets you enable/disable replication.

Schema Browser 
Displays schema data in a browser window.