Monday, 28 April 2014

Intro To Dashboard Part - II

In my last blog, 
I discussed about the logging tab of Apache Solr Dashboard. Now we will discuss next tab.

Solr Core 
With this console you can perform different operation on the different cores in Apache Solr. 

"A core is a collection of different configuration files, indexes and schema. It can be used by different applications for searching and indexing."

You can have multiple cores on single Solr instance & these core can have there own configurations, indexes and schema. These core can serve for different application & still have the convenience of unified administration.

Note: for creating a core first create a folder under Descktop/poc/solr4.7.2/example/solr/ and copy and paste conf folder from collection1 to new core directory into it then restart the server, you will see two core now.

Here you have two cores one is ankur and second is collection1.