Monday, 28 April 2014

Intro To Dashboard Part - I

Here I will give a brief introduction to Apache Solr Dashboard that we have seen in my last post i.e.

This tab display the current log information & exists untill the server not restarted, as the server restarted this information becomes reloaded. For logging Solr uses Slf4j library & file.
This file is present at /solr4.7.2/example/resource folder & can be customize according to your need.

While this example shows logged messages for only one core, if you have multiple cores in a single instance, they all will be listed with the level for each as shown below-

Here I used a term "Core", I'll discuss it separately. In logging tab you can select log level for your package or class. Just go over there in hierarchy & click you will get a list of all available logging level, select any one of them & logging for that particular package or class will starts automatically.